SSSSC Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Sleep Research, Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology (SSSSC) will be held in Basel on 25.09.2018.


ERS International Congress

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress will be held in Paris from 15.-19.09.2018.


Hands-On Kurs Bronchoskopie beim Kind

Der 2. Hands-On Kurs - Flexible und starre Bronchoskopie beim Kind findet vom 21.-22.06. 2018 in Basel statt.


SGP/SGPP Annual Congress

The SGP-SSP/SGPP-SSPP Annual Congress will be held in St. Gallen from 24.-26.05.2018.

Medical expert training in pediatric bronchoscopy – Hamburg

The course is held in Hamburg: 13.11-15.11.2017

This is a 3-day course on flexible bronchoscopy (also covering some rigid training) and a great course for new trainees. We offer plenty of time for manual practice. Previously, we had pediatric pulmonologists, intensivists and ENT colleagues from all over the World participating in this course which we run now for the 5th time as a collaboration between Charité Berlin, UKBB Basel and Olympus Europe. The group is usually small and limited to a max of 20 participants.

Registration is now possible through this website: